Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 17. Who was/is your biggest fan at your horse show?

Was: My grandma. She would get up at 5:00 am and take me to the barn, load up everything in the car with me and head to the show ALL DAY. She was a big support financially and even more importantly emotionally. I wouldn't have been able to show without her and I am SO thankful!

Is: Sean. He supports me in the every day- behind the fanfare of riding.Turn out. Getting Henry. Picking out his feet. Blanketing. Grooming. Hand walking. Cooling him out.

SO THANKFUL for them both!

Day 16. What helps you stay calm at shows?


Over the last 4.5 years he has gained a vast amount of horse knowledge. The one that I value the most is his ability to take my horse and walk around with them- showing them every corner of a scary, new unfamiliar property. That way I don't have to pump up my already on edge nerves with a horse who feels the same way.

I hope to attend lots of fun horse shows next year- it's been years since I went to a show that was fun and enjoyable! I am a ball of nerves and so I think being able to attend the in barn shows will really be a great experience for both myself and Henry. Lots of "ring time" with little stress is my goal!

Actually I did have fun at one show recently- but I think WP is a joke and not hard at all so it doesn't count as a real show haha... (i bought this picture and LOVE it)

Thanks Rach for letting me ride Rocky!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 15. Someone who you would like to apprentice under.

Id venture to say I am a realistic person. Don't get me wrong I have dreams too but a question like this one makes me think- whats realistic and who could I really apprentice under if I had the time...

So all that to say I would apprentice under Irene. I would love to just spend every day up there at the barn with her and watch, learn and practice what she says and does. I think that just being there would benefit me so much- growing my knowledge on maintenance, wound care, ground manners, grooming, under saddle work, barn management, shoeing, vet stuff ... and a bunch more stuff I am not aware of. 

Quick Post ...

A. Age: 27
B. Bed size: queen. but I want a king haha 
C. Chore that you hate: washing the car
D. Dogs: Zoe!
E. Essential start to your day: pushing snooze and sleeping 10 more min
F. Favorite color: green
G. Gold or Silver: white gold
H. Height: 5'7"
I. Instruments you play: well i used to play the clarinet and piano
J. Job title: slave i mean project mananger
K. Kids: Bayley!
L. Live: Livermore CA
M. Mother’s name: Barbara or Barby
N. Nicknames: don't think I have any
O. Overnight hospital stays: yep when I had Bayley
P. Pet peeves: drama and arrogance
Q. Quote from a movie: 
R. Right or left handed: right
S. Siblings: Kaleb and Zion
((T is missing..?))
U. Underwear: check
V. Vegetable you hate: um I don't like it when they get slimy but ill try just about anything
W. What makes you run late:trying to get myself and a baby ready in the am
X. X-Rays you’ve had: none
Y. Yummy food that you make: This weekend I made yummmmy mexican food and I also love artichoke pasta
Z. Zoo animal: Zoo's kinda freak me out .. but I like the Monterey Bay Aquarium 

We went for a walk downtown Livermore on Friday night and bundled Bayley up and I got this picture of her.. she is such a doll!

Also she came in to work with me for a bit on Friday so I could move my office and my co worker took this picture of her and i doctored it a little :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 14. If your career in the future had to relate to horses, what would it be?

I am really behind on this blogging business... So I am going to double post- gasp! 

In my dream Sean and I own a farm/equestrian center. The end ....

But for real- I plan to run/manage the facility but NOT train... I don't think I'm good enough to train and I'd rather my trainer come be the resident trainer so I can take lessons from her FOREVER :)

Every facility that I have been to has it's good and bad... I won't claim that my facility will be the best but I will do my best to have a clean, well run, well managed, boarder friendly place. I think having horses that are involved in the everyday activities at the barn is really important so that you see the good, bad and ugly of whats going on and are able to efficiently correct and understand things.

Day 13. Create an equitation test.

I couldn't decide if I should do a flat or OF test and I decided to do a flat test that. I also decided to make it a test that I hope to be able to execute well within two-three years (meaning I will have strength and Henry will have the skill).
I know this is a dressage arena but for the use of articulating my test, refense it...

Walk in the arena tracking left between C and H
Pick up a sitting trot at K
10m circle at A
Posting trot at B
Change direction across the diagonal
Canter right lead at F
Change direction across the diagonal at M with a flying change
Drop Irons at B
Posting trot sans irons at H
Pick up Irons at A and reverse
Counter canter at C (left lead)
Change direction between D and X
Hault at B
Exit Arena

I have never done an equitation test per say - but this is how our classes were run in college (not this hard though).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 12. The biggest horse show you’ve ever competed in.

I think that the biggest show I competed in was probably at the Watsonville fairgrounds (The Almaden Farm Horse Show)- I beleive it was a B show. I rode a horse names Lizard and we did the short stirrup class' (some flat (under saddle and eq) and jumping). He was a finished horse who was a great mount for me being that I had always ridden a random horse at shows- normally one who wasn't seasoned at all. I can tell you that I def felt like a million dollars when I was done at this show... Lizard had given me confidence to the moon and we placed well in all our classes.

I hope to ride in some A shows one day. Right now I have a green horse, an out of shape body and lack of money so it won't be in the near future but it is def something I look forward to.

I only have one picture of me and Lizard so enjoy :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 11. Your favorite tack shop.

Well I have a favorite place for different things.

If I have to pick one place- online is probably the place- I guess I'd pick Dover.

But some places around here that I go to are Livermore Feed, Western Saddlery, Christensons, Baughmans and Happy Trails.

Ebay is a great resource as well as bayequest.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 10. Five essentials for jumping.

It's been a while since I jumped a bunch but a few that I feel will be beneficial to Henry and myself in our upcoming training are(obviously I will do whatever my trainer says and we will start with the basics):

1. I think it's really important to be able to control your horses stride in a line. Any rider can jump in and hope to get the 6 strides but a legit rider can get 5 or 7 in there- asking for your horse to come back or to lengthen... or even get the 6 strides correctly- not one big, 4 small and one big... you get the point and there is only so much any rider can do to ensure this, I mean we are dealing with a live animal for crying out loud! (Lyssette you are legit)

2. Gymnastics are great for a young horse and jumping (obviously after the basics have been done) or working on your position (i need lots of this) or to make sure your horse is being sharp when they jump because they can't be lazy haha!

3. Two Point Two Point Two Point .... LOTS of it. If you think about it that is the foundation of you jumping and having a good strong two point will really benefit you as a rider.

4.Straight lines and clean turns... I don't think I could ever do jumpers b/c I like slow, composed courses. Turning on a dime and approaching a fence 3 strides out freaks me out!

5.Release. I can't stand watching a rider who pulls back or holds on tight when they go over a fence not giving to the horses mouth as they stretch their neck to jump.

Lastly I found this and love it .. haha!

Well, not exactly, but it's a nice thought.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 9. Show goals for 2012

To actually get in the show ring! Hahaha

But for real I just want to get exposure for myself and Henry... I want it to be fun and something that we look forward to not a stomach turning, stressful event. If we just do a season or flat classes I will be totally ok with that. Don't get me wrong id like to jump- just want to make sure that it's all in the right time. I'd love to go to rated shows but know that won't be something I can afford in the near future so there isn't a rush to train Henry any faster then needed.

The typical class list for our schooling show is as follows:
1. W/T Equitation 17/UNDER
2. W/T Equitation 18 OVER
3. W/T Pleasure 17/UNDER
4. W/T Pleasure 18/OVER
5. W/T/C Equitation 17/UNDER
6. W/T/C Equitation 18/OVER
7. Match Pairs Class OPEN
8. Poles Hunters
9. Poles Equitation
11. Hunters OPEN X 2’3”
12. Hunters JR/AM X 2’3”
13. Equitation Over Fences OPEN X 2’3”
Lunch Break - Food Available on Premises at Steve’s Snack Shack
14. Hunters OPEN 2’6”
15. Hunter JR/AM 2’6”
16. Equitation Over Fences JR/AM 2’6”
17. Hunter Under Saddle FLAT
18. Hunters OPEN 2’9”
19. Hunters JR/AM 2’9”
20. Equitation Over Fences JR/AM 2’9”
21. Hunters Under Saddle FLAT
22. Kelci Muller Memorial Jumpers OPEN 2’9”
23. Hunters OPEN 3’ - 3’3”
24. Hunters Handy OPEN 3’ - 3’3”
25. Equitation Over Fences OPEN 3’ - 3’3”
26. Hunters Under Saddle FLAT
27. Junpers OPEN 3’ - 3’3”
28. Hunters OPEN 3’6”
29. Hunters Under Saddle 3’6”
30. Equitation Over Fences OPEN 3’6”
31. Hunters Under Saddle FLAT
32. Jumpers OPEN 3’6 “
33. Jumpers Fault & Out OPEN 3’6” - 3’9”
34. Jumpers Power and Speed 2’9 - 4”

I highlighted all of the classes that we could partake in to fulfill my above goal. Realistically we would probably do classes 2, 4, 6  to start. Maybe adding 7, 8 or 9 too... Anywho keep posted for show pics from next season :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 8. Your favorite horse magazine.

The Dover Elite Edition! It's like the best thing to look at. I don't really read any other magazines as I read a lot of articles on line.