Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last weekend

We went out of town for the weekend to support Rachel in her Clovis Queen competition. While we were gone Kimberly so graciously took care of the horses. Here are a few pictures of her daughter Savannah with Maddy and Tucker- so cute! I am so grateful I have such well mannered, kind horses.

Moving the horses

We will be moving the horses to Diamond Hills ( on May 15th. Karley's trainer Irene Lorimer ( is up there and it will give Karley full access to a trainer and ability to show.

Maddy will live in a pasture with a 3 sided stall with one other horse.

Tucker will live in a big box stall and get daily turn out as well as Karley continuing to rehab him.

Karley is REALLY excited about the covered arena!

Pray that the horses adjust well!


Friday, April 9, 2010


We have accumulated another horse .. this one has A LOT of western training. Does barrels, team penning, roping, grand entries and will be great to teach Sean how to ride.