Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 7. Five of your favorite flatwork exercises.

This is an interesting question... I will do my best to answer it and will be answering it in the present (ie with what I think my horse/me would benefit from the most).

1. Serpentine- for one it keeps my horse's attention on me, he isn't sure where I am going next or what lies ahead. I feel that for a young horse this is a great exercise- not only for their balance but also for their brains to keep working and not getting complacent in going around the arena.

2. Straight Lines- I know this sounds crazy but how many people can't keep their horse straight and how many horses don't want to go straight haha!

3. Transitions- w/t, t/c, w/c ect.

4. Speed Control- accelerations and bringing him back, being able to be forward without losing control, composed working trot, normal trot, slow sitting ... you get the point.

5. Relaxing- I think it's important to have some down time with relaxation and fun work.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 6. Make a wish-list of the top 10 horsey items you would buy if you were given an unlimited budget.

1. A custom saddle... being that I don't have money for one I haven't really looked into what one I want and if/when I get the money- I will be going to my trainer for help.

2. Custom chaps... I have wanted these for a while but don't have the money to get them either. I was saving at one point but the money went towards something else and now I am back to square one.

3. A farm... complete with house, horse stuff and the works. Something like this ... I am not sure what the inside looks like but ill dream that is is wonderful- movie theatre, great room for entertaining, big bedrooms/closets/bathrooms, great kitchen for cooking, all the latest and greatest appliances .. you know the works :)

4. A brand new truck and trailer. Now I am not so good with car stuff so I'd let the hubby do all the research to find out which truck would be the best and what trailer would be the best- I'd just make sure it had all the amenities i want.

5. I'd buy a lifetime of lessons from Irene.

6. A lifetime membership to all the organizations possible for myself and my horse.

7. Pay haul in fees for a lifetime for the lessons I purchased.

8. A complete new show wardrobe.

9. A new horse or two? Do those count as horsey items? Id tell Irene the budget is unlimited and to find me a hunter, jumper, eq, derby, reiner, horse for Sean and a pony :)

10. Id buy Maddy back- pay the lady for the "board" she has "used" and then give her a nice home to live with me forever! :) And I'd breed her to a really nice stud in hopes to get a fancy baby with her mind, temperament and amazing-ness!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 5. The Barn you ride at.

I will refer to this post for today's post :)

Day 4. Create (find) a fun jump course.

I know this is a Derby course but I liked it:

Day 3. Explain the division you show in/will show in and why.

I recently purchased a new horse and being that it is the end of the season we won't be showing this year. Next spring I hope to be able to ride in some schooling shows- obviously money will play into that but I am staying optimistic. As it stands right now we can't afford anything extra but maybe in the next few months one of us will get a raise or something will change :)

So IF I am able to show I will start in the flat classes. Maybe dabbling in a few of the cross rail classes if we are ready (and by we I am sure it will mean more me haha).

My goal is to make Henry a well rounded, fun horse to ride and show. I am not about jumping a certain height or winning (maybe that will come in time, maybe not)- I just really want to relax and have fun- which is something I haven't felt in a long time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 2. Your proudest moment at a show.

I have 2 proud moments...

1. The other girls at the barn all had their own horses and I only had one maybe two lessons a week. But you better believe that I made the most of those lessons and worked hard to get everything I could out of them so that when it came time to show- I was as ready as I could be. Kristin and I would always go 1st and 2nd in classes... she had the fancy pony and I didn't and our skill was about equal so inevitably I would get 2nd every time. I remember one Eq class I won... I couldn't have been more proud! I had worked so hard and even though I didn't have the fancy pony to complete the package the judge placed me first (i know Eq is supposed to be on just the rider.. but that isn't how it always works- don't get me wrong Kristin is a great rider even to this day she is amazing).

2. Last fall riding in the shows on Tucker while pregnant was a great experience. I had SO much fun, some great pictures to show Bayley when she gets older and memories to last a lifetime. Even though we only did w/t classes it was pretty cool to say I did a few horse shows up till I was 22 ish weeks prego!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 1. Your first horse show.

My first horse show will forever stand out in my mind... I was SO excited. I rode Adam, a 16.2 hand gray gelding who was one of my favorite horses ever (he is second to Maddy). He was an ex GP horse and knew the ropes for sure. He was calm cool and collected which was perfect for my first show. I don't remember exactly what places we got in the classes but I do remember getting a first, few seconds/thirds/fourths.

BUT the "highlight" of the day was his escape... we were at the Watsonville fairgrounds and stalled in the fixed/permanent stalls. There was a break between my classes and I put Adam up, then went over to main arena with me trainer, mom and grandma to watch some classes. Next thing we hear the announcer say something to the tune of "there is a gray horse up on the grassy hill lose. If the owner will please catch and return him to his stall" ... we all looked back and yep it was Adam. I quickly walked over to his stall, got his halter and lead rope and caught him. He gave me a look like "well hi, I am just enjoying a snack."

Still to this day I am impressed at his ability to get the locked stall door open.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 Day Equestrian Show

Day 1. Your first horse show.
Day 2. Your proudest moment at a show.
Day 3. Explain the division you show in/will show in and why.
Day 4. Create (find) a fun jump course.
Day 5. The Barn you ride at.
Day 6. Make a wish-list of the top 10 horsey items you would buy if you were given an unlimited budget.
Day 7. Five of your favorite flatwork exercises.
Day 8. Your favorite horse magazine.
Day 9. Show goals for 2012.
Day 10. Five of your favorite jumping exercises (not courses).
Day 11. Your favorite tack shop.
Day 12. The biggest horse show you’ve ever competed in.
Day 13. Create an equitation test.
Day 14. If your career in the future had to relate to horses, what would it be?
Day 15. Someone who you would like to apprentice under.
Day 16. What helps you stay calm at shows?
Day 17. Who was/is your biggest fan at your horse show?
Day 18. How do you prepare for a horse show?
Day 19. What type of riding would you never want to do?
Day 20. Your favorite picture of you at a horse show.
Day 21. Do you/will you/did you compete in IHSA when you are in college?
Day 22. Your favorite horse show.
Day 23. Your complete show outfit.
Day 24. The ribbon you have the most of.
Day 25. Your biggest horse show pet peeve.
Day 26. The highest you’ve jumped.
Day 27. The horse show association(s) you are a member of.
Day 28. The last show you competed in, and how you did.
Day 29. The division you hope to be doing in the next one, two, or three years.
Day 30. How much has your riding progressed in the past 30 days, and why?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bayley going to town in her jumper

Is is really the end of Aug?!

Since the 30 day challenge I haven't been updating much so here is a quick run down...

I am still working to gain confidence with Henry. He has been a good boy for most of my rides- spooks here and there and has energy but those are things that he will grow out of with age (i hope). The more I ride, the more Henry and I will grow- I have to keep trusting him but also staying smart in my rides and not letting my guard down. I can't wait to look back in a year and see where we have come!

On another note Bayley is getting so big! I can't beleive she is 6 months already. She has mastered sitting up and she grabs and pulls on everything she can. Her little personality is the best ... we couldn't ask for a better daughter!

Sean prepped the kitchen for painting last night- I can't wait to see how it turns out. There are so many things around the house that we want to do but money keeps us from doing them. Right now we are going to paint the cabinets in the kitchen and put new hard ware in.
Our plans for the house in the near ish future are:
- Flooring and new carpet
- New counters in the kitchen and bathrooms
- New sink and faucet in the kitchen and bathrooms
- Paint paint paint
- Overhang/covering for the back porch
- Porch furniture
- and as always Decor for the house :)

My mini me

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Almost 6 Months Old

Thanks Great Grandma Nottle for the cute pony onsie!

She LOVES food :)

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